What are the benefits of the Swisscom Login?

Any user who already set up a Swisscom Login in the past can now more easily create an evita health record. Many of the demographic data (address, gender, first and last name, etc.) needed to open an evita account are transferred from the Swisscom Login and do not need to be entered again.

Single Sign On

An advantage of the Swisscom Login is the Single Sign On for Swisscom applications. Many Swisscom customers are already familiar with this service, e.g. when they change from Swisscom TV online to the customer center without the need to register again. With the integration of the Swisscom Login into evita, the service is now available to evita customers. All evita users who have logged in with their Swisscom Login can switch between the Swisscom applications (Docsafe, Swisscom TV, MCC, etc.) without having to repeatedly sign in.

Strong identification

Another major benefit of the Swisscom Login is the strong identification level. Put simply, it means that the owner of the Swisscom Login is known. In interviews with doctors and hospitals, a frequent criticism was that previously, the owner of an evita account was not always identifiable, making the transfer of health records to evita impossible for reasons of data privacy and legal restrictions. For any evita account that was opened via the Swisscom Login or has been identified subsequently, the identity of the account owner is known. This means that in future, they can use the services for exchanging data with physicians and hospitals far more easily.

Data protection

Using the Swisscom Login does not affect the Privacy Policy. Personal data is still protected from unauthorized viewing. Neither Swisscom nor its employees have access to your healthcare data.